ABCs of God's Attributes
ABCs of God's Attributes
ABCs of God's Attributes
ABCs of God's Attributes

ABCs of God's Attributes

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An accessible, fun introduction to the basics of the faith, The ABC’s of the Attributes of God are designed to bring the unchanging character of God to life for kids. With inviting designs and simple, concise definitions, children ages 4 to 12 will learn what it means that God is omnipotent, just, and all-knowing, and where we see each attribute in Scripture.

These cards are printed on 120# stock and have a matte finish. 

Why thousands of parents love these cards!

"We purchased these cards for our six and three year olds. We usually use them at the dinner table. They are super durable and beautiful! What a great resource to teach our littles theology!"

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ -Danna


"We love these ABC cards! My three year old and I go over them during lunch. This is the perfect tool for helping hide little nuggets of truth in my daughters heart in the simple moments of the day. Though she is only three, I know these things are being tucked away in her mind to be used later. Kids are amazing like that. I highly recommend!"

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ -Hannah

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⭐ ⭐   ⭐ -Elisabeth

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When will my order ship? 1-3 business days. All orders are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Shipping

How should I store them? Each order comes with one complimentary hand-stamped bag for storage. Additional bags can be found here

What size are the cards? They are 5.75" by 4"

What kind of paper are they printed on? They are printed on 120# card stock with a matte finish. 

What translation do you use for the Scripture references on these cards? We primarily use 2011 ESV. Occasionally, we use NIV where the vocabulary used is helpful for young readers.

Customer Reviews

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Great Easter Basket Addition!

The quality of the cards and the thought out into each one is superb! So excited to use them each week with our son!

ABC’s of theology and attributes of God

I purchased these cards as an Easter present for my kids but secretly (not secretly) bought them for myself and I love them! Great quality cards!

A Great Resource!

My 3 year old loves these! A great resource and an incredible teaching tool for years to come! Amy does such a great job with her resources - enjoy them to the fullest! 

Excellent Product

I was in search of a way to help my kids grow in their prayer lives. These cards have done just that for our whole family. Thank you for making such beautiful products that are so simple and easy to use.

Great Teaching Material!!!

I love the ABC’s of God cards! They are such a big help of explaining some big truths to my own kids as well as my Wednesday night children’s class at church! May God bless this ministry!