Adventure Through the Old Testament - Child Workbook

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Did you know that every page of God's Word is an adventure? In this 80+ page workbook, your child will learn to see the Old Testament as an exciting, God-sized adventure! 

From Genesis to Malachi, God’s Word tells us a story with twists and turns and surprises on every page. There are warriors and queens and heroes and people wandering in the wilderness — and in all of their lives, God is telling them one great, big message: you need a Savior and He is coming soon! Every page of the Old Testament aims to remind us that God’s people needed to be saved from their sin, and God promised to send that Savior by sending His only Son. This was good news for God’s people in the Old Testament, and it’s good news for us today!

Each day of this workbook study, your child will focus on one book of the Old Testament, learning about its core message and key themes. Here is what you will find on each day of this adventure:

- A simple summary of that book of the Bible

- A key verse from that day's book of the Bible that enables kids to see for themselves how God speaks to His people through His Word.

- A Lookout Point that highlights who God reveals Himself to be in that book and teach your child more about His unchanging character.

- Biblical Genre Icon: A little icon that tells your child the biblical genre of that book (is it poetry? history? Law?), plus this workbook has an entire tutorial on biblical genre at the back of the book!

- Authorship Icon: A little icon that will tell you the author of that book of the Bible. Does your child know each book of the Bible was written by someone, as God lead them by His Spirit (after this workbook, they will!)? This icon will tell your child the author's name, if we know it; if we don't know who wrote that book of the Bible, this icon will tell you that, too!

- Fieldnotes: a few simple questions for reflection to help your child apply to their daily lives what they are learning about God. Plus! Encouragement for them to discuss what they're learning with you!

- Prayer Point: a simple take-away that encourages your child to pray with you about what they just learned. 



How do you encourage parents and children to use this together? We have a parent's edition of the Adventure through the Old Testament! We strongly encourage parents to use the parent's edition so that they are learning alongside their child. 

How much overlap is there between the content in the parent's edition and the content in the child's edition? Much of the teaching content is the same (book summary, Lookout Point, key verse, etc.), but the questions for reflection in the Fieldnotes section are age appropriate, as is the prayer prompt, though they intentionally have overlapping themes based on the content of the book of the Bible highlighted in that day's study.

Should I purchase one workbook for each of my children? We highly recommend it! It is a great way for kids to practice having their own time dedicated to Bible study and prayer; what better way than for them to track what they're learning and be amazed by their own progress in their own workbook!

Do we have to do a book of the Bible every day of the week? This book is designed to go at your own pace. There are no day numbers or chapter divisions. Just pick up where you left off without missing a beat.

How different is this content from the Christ at the Center cards? The book summary is identical, as is the genre and authorship icon. Everything else is entirely unique to this workbook.


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solid theology made simple.

We're just a couple of seminary grads who wanted to have the best, most theologically-rich content available to the kids in our church and in our family. So we set out to create them. Our promise to you is this: we never water-down theological concepts, never over-simplify God, and we keep the Gospel at the center of it all.

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These cards said everything I wanted to say to my kids about God but couldn't articulate myself. To say that they changed our family would be an understatement.

Tiffany C.
Chattanooga, TN

I ordered these cards thinking they would be a cute addition to our church nursery, but MAN! They pack a theological punch! As a children's pastor, I purchased a set for every family in our church.

Nathan D.
Austin, TX

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