Big Words of the Bible
Big Words of the Bible
Big Words of the Bible
Big Words of the Bible

Big Words of the Bible

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Teach your kids the beauty of studying God’s Word in-depth!

This set of 20 flashcards help your little ones understand key vocabulary words in the original biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew. The front of each card has a helpful illustration and pronunciation guide. The back of each card has an example verse that shows how the word is used in context, and a concise definition that will help them grow in understanding the richness of the Scriptures. All 20 flashcards are held on a 2″ metal ring for safe-keeping! 

These cards are printed on 120# card stock with a matte laminate finish. They are not waterproof. 

Here's what our customers have to say!

"These cards are incredible! They have been a wonderful resource for guiding my kids into a deeper understanding of Scripture through the original languages. The images, pronunciation guides, definitions, and Scripture examples make the teaching process so simple. The cards are beautiful and durable, and they are far more than just a resource for kids–they’re great for adults, too. I can’t recommend them highly enough!"

⭐ ⭐    - Becky

"These are a fantastic resource for parents wanting to help their littles cultivate a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. The cards are the perfect size for little hands and beautifully produced, with durable material and bright colours. Such a great tool for helping your kids to understand the original languages behind the Bible, and I love that I’m learning alongside my son! A great tool for the whole family."

⭐ ⭐   Grace


When will my order ship? 1-3 business days. All orders are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Shipping

How should I store them? Each order comes with one complimentary hand-stamped bag for storage. Additional bags can be found here

What kind of paper are they printed on? They are printed on 120# card stock with a matte laminate finish. 

What translation do you use for the Scripture references on these cards? We primarily use 2011 ESV. 

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Every Product is Gold

Grateful for this tool to help disciple my kids.

Perfect Easter basket filler

I am so excited to give these to my 6 year old in her basket this year! I’ve already snuck a peek at them myself several times!!

Hebrew and greek primer

Love these cards as it has quite a few words to go through and it is in hebrew/greek. I wanted to teach my kids hebrew as i had learned to read it so this is perfect to wet their appetite for learning!

Still waiting to receive this order

We’re waiting patiently for these to come. I know I’m excited to get them and start using them when we return to school after Christmas break!


Big Words of the Bible