Scripture Memory Cards
Scripture Memory Cards
Scripture Memory Cards
Scripture Memory Cards

Scripture Memory Cards

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Help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts!

This set of Bible memory cards gives your Tiny Theologians stair-steps to successful Scripture memory, offering hints and helps as they learn each verse. Each memory verse is offered in three “levels” to make Bible memory accessible for kids of all ages.   

Here's what happy customers have to say!

"I am so impressed with the quality of these cards! The colors are vibrant and chic, the verses are well thought out, and so impactful! My 6 year old is SO excited by them and my 5 year old is trying so hard to keep up with her sister! Way to go Tiny Theologians!

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ - Randee

"The day I opened these cards my home was filled with 8 children ranging from 11 to 2. One of the greatest things about these cards is that they were able to be adapted for all of the children! This meant that all of them were taking in the Word of God!! The older children were able to read and begin memorizing, and the younger ones were able to listen and begin memorizing. It was fun and enjoyable, and the Word was being written on their hearts Another amazing aspect of the cards is that each verse comes with three levels. The levels help you challenge your children (and even yourself) as you continue to memorize. One side contains the entire verse while the other side contains the verse with blanks one must fill in. This also encourages a great habit of reading and re-reading a verse! And last note to mention, if you’re a parent new to scripture memory these will give you a great foundation and place to start! Overall, I highly recommend them!

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ - Katie



When will my order ship? 1-3 business days. All orders are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Shipping

How should I store them? Each order comes with one complimentary hand-stamped bag for storage. Additional bags can be found here

What size are the cards? They are 5" by 3"

What kind of paper are they printed on? They are printed on 120# card stock with a matte laminate finish. 

What translation do you use for the Scripture references on these cards? We primarily use 2011 ESV. 

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