Christ at the Center (A Sneak Peek at Genesis)

If you’ve been around the last few weeks, you know how excited I am to share with you my latest Tiny Theologians project – Christ at the Center cards. For the last 18 months, I have been working with New Testament and Old Testament scholars (from former seminary classmates to former professors) to hone the content for these cards, and with early elementary educators to make that content accessible for kids.

The aim of these cards is to help your little ones (and big ones!) discover Jesus on every page of Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, we want to help kids understand that the entire Bible is pointing to one person: Jesus Christ.

This set of 70+ cards walks your kids through every book of the Bible, giving them a summary of that book’s content and showing how it points to Christ. For example, the book of Genesis card tells kids that Genesis is all about the beginning. Here’s a sneak peek at the content fo that card:

“The word ‘Genesis’ means ‘beginning,’ and that’s what this book is all about. Genesis tells us the story about the very beginning of the world and the God who has no beginning. in Genesis, God created the entire universe and created mankind to have a special relationship with Him. Though the first people broke their relationship with God through disobedience, God made a promise: one day He would send a Savior who would save them from their sin. God made this promise again and more specifically to a man named Abraham. God told Abraham that he would be part of His plan to bring the Savior into the world, and that through Abraham’s family the entire world would be blessed. This was the first time God made this promise, but it was certainly not the last.”

Each card for each book of the Bible is designed to give a summary, but also to point your kiddos forward to the central theme of the Word of God: Christ Himself!

Each card also includes the author of that book of the Bible and the biblical genre of that book. Additional cards at the back of the deck explain things like what a biblical genre is and why it’s important, and how understanding the author of any given book helps us understand the original context of the writing. These cards can go as deep as you want them to, but are simple enough for your littlest ones to benefit from