Tiny Theologians Podcast

Introducing: the Tiny Theologians Podcast!

This adventure podcast for kids is fun, upbeat, and rich with biblical theology. Each week, kids can join TJ and Tory as they adventure through the attributes of God. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!


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Join Amy, Tiny Theologians founder, on the Knowing Faith Podcast as she answers some in depth questions about the Tiny Theologians Podcast!




Meet Tory! Check out this special behind the scenes look at podcast recording with the incredible, young girl who plays Tory! We can't wait until you and your kiddos can join us on this adventure! Stay tuned for more BTS videos, sneak peeks at resources you can get to pair with the podcast and ways to listen when it launches!


Is this a podcast for parent or kids? 
For kids! This is an adventure podcast all about the God of the Bible.
What age is this podcast for? 
Preschool through early elementary! 
What is the structure of each episode? Each season?
The first two seasons will follow the ABCs of God's Attributes (don't have the cards? Grab them in the shop!). Each episode features one letter of the alphabet and the corresponding attribute of God from our best selling card set, the ABCs of God's Attributes. In each episode, Tory comes home from school to her little brother TJ, and their circumstances send them on an adventure to discover something about God with the help of their parents and the lovely and quirky folks in the neighborhood (like their neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Wiseman, Truman the town troubadour, Mr. Reid the dog walker, and Ms. Dee Livery, their letter carrier). Each episode culminates in TJ and Tory learning about God and discovering just how big He is. 
Season one (August 2023) features letters A through M, and season two (January 2024) features letters N through Z. We will consider a third season after we see the response to season one!
Do the episodes have any music?
YES! Each episode features a character named Truman the Town Troubadour, who sings a song about each attribute of God. This was a huge part of the overall project: writing custom lyrics and music for every attribute of God from A to Z! And that means, by the end, we will have a song for all the letters of the alphabet, and for every attribute included in the ABCs of God's Attributes! 
How can we support this project?
Thank you! We love how enthusiastically our community has rallied around this project. If you love the show, we would love for you to give us a glowing review wherever you listen to your podcasts! And, please tell all your friends!