I’m Amy, the Founder and Creator of Tiny Theologians™ and I’m so glad you’re here.

Austin and I met over a love for theology in seminary (well, technically, we first met over a cute puppy named Penny – but ask me to tell you that story some other time). We love reading theology, talking theology, and teaching theology.

But when we graduated from seminary, we encountered a problem: there are too few theologically-rich Bible studies for Christians wanting to grow in their faith. Particularly, as we entered church ministry we struggled to find theologically-robust training tools for the youngest members of God’s household. Though many were cute and creative, they also seemed to offer an overly-simplified version of the Biblical narrative (or, perhaps more dangerous, a moralistic version aimed to promote good behavior).

So, we put our theology to work.

What started as a personal project is now available to you through the Tiny Theologians™ line. We offer training tools that will help parents and children’s ministries pass on the Christian faith. Covering topics like theology, church history, missions, and discipleship, we pray these tools are a blessing as you seek to train the tiny theologians in your life.

You can read our Statement of Faith or get in touch anytime!

PS – Tiny Theologians is owned by me, Amy Gannett, and operates under the umbrella of Take Root Ministries LLC. When you place an order with Tiny Theologians, you’ll see Take Root Ministries LLC appear on your bank statement or credit card statement. But don’t worry — that’s us!