COVID-19 and holiday shipping

Thank you so much for your support! It is our family's deep desire that these discipleship tools are used by God to shape the hearts and minds of the little ones you love.


I wanted to keep you informed of what is going on behind the scenes here in our family-run shop, as your order may be effected by recent USPS updates.


First, please know that quality customer service is a top priority. We strive to treat you the way we would want to be treated (our theology and Lord compels us!). We do not have any staff here at Tiny Theologians; it is just myself (Amy) who fills orders and responds to every emails. So thank you for your patience and kindness with messaging! 


At Tiny Theologians, we use USPS for all shipping in order to provide our customers with the most affordable shipping rates. USPS has recently announced shipping delays due to COVID-19 restrictions and heavy holiday package loads. They have also announced an increase in shipping rates for the holiday season. Here's what we are doing about it:

  • We will be subsidizing all shipping increasings. We don't think our customers should have to pay this overage; we are glad to cover it out of pocket so that you can still bless your family and loved ones with theology-rich content this season. We know your hard-earned dollars aren't unlimited, and we want to do everything we can to keep prices down and shipping costs reasonable.

Here are a few other notes that are worth your time:

  • Reminder: each order (not each item in each order) comes with one complimentary storage bag. If you'd like to add additional items to your order, you can shop them here.
  • Your order may take a few more days to arrive than usual. We are working as quickly as possible to fill orders this holiday season! Please remember that we are a family-run shop, and though we do have two students from church who help us fill orders during the Christmas holiday, we are not a large company. We will do everything we can to fill all orders in 5-7 business days (or sooner!), but please be aware that delays may occur. 
  • Your package may take several days to be scanned into the system; at times, the carrier is neglecting this vital step (we chalk this up to a heavy` holiday package load, but it is a bit disappointment when it happens). If your order shows that it is still sitting in Greenville, NC after three days, please email us. Your tracking information should have updated in that time span, and it likely means that it was not scanned into the system. We are seeing an increase in lost packages; we are happy to replace packages that are not scanned into the system and lost as a result. However, we cannot replace packages that are marked as “delivered.”
  • If you have a problem with your order, please email us! Instagram DMs or Facebook messages are not monitored regularly, so be sure to send an email that includes your name, order number (you can find this in your email confirmation) and your question or concern. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and kinds notes of encouragement! They mean the world to us and keep us going. We are deeply grateful for each of you!

If I can be of help in any way, please let me know!