Our favorite Christian homeschool resources by grade!

As we kick off another school year we wanted to take a chance to tell you about our favorite homeschool resources! We started our shop because we wanted to create theologically rich and biblically rooted resources that would engage kids hearts and minds. In fact, our team is constantly reminding ourselves that we want to create this sort of resources that we want our own children to use! Our team is a team as parents and theology lovers, who are always trying to point our kids to Jesus. Sound familiar? Is this sounds like you, and particularly if you are a homeschool parent looking for resources to include in your homeschool curriculum this far, looking at further! Here are some of our favor recommendations by grade category.


ABC cards!

Snag all three sets of the ABC flash cards at one discounted price! The ABC bundle includes the ABCs of Theology, ABCs of God’s Attributes, and ABCs of the Names of God so you get all the discipleship resources you need to teach your little ones about God - at the lowest price possible!

Early Elementary

Jesus Changes Everything! 

There is no better time to teach your children all about Jesus than RIGHT NOW! This activity book with stickers invites young hearts and minds to learn all about the doctrine of Christ through engaging Scripture memory, fun activities, and colorful stickers - this means they will have a blast as they learn vital truths about the Savior of the world! 

In Jesus Changes Everything kids are invited to explore historic doctrines of the Christian faith regarding the person and work of Christ (known as Christology), and to do it in an accessible, simple, and engaging way! They will learn about Christ's eternal nature, the Incarnation (Jesus becoming fully man without ceasing to be fully God), his death and resurrection, and so much more! 


Timeline puzzles! 

These puzzles will teach your child all about the great, big story God is telling in the Old and New Testaments. A lot happens in the Old Testament; there are kings and prophets, wars and wilderness, promises made and promises kept. This puzzle helps children understand the order in which key biblical events occur, and understand why they are important in the overall story of the Bible. The front of the puzzle creates the vibrant and engaging timeline, and the back of each puzzle piece explains how those events fit into the meta narrative (big story of the Bible) in kid-friendly language. As always, we keep Jesus front and center in this resource, pointing children to see how every event in the Old Testament reminded God's people that they needed a Savior, and Jesus was the Savior God promised to come. Even as they learn about the details of the Old Testament timeline, we hope they'll see the bigger picture: from the very beginning, God promised to send a Savior who would make a way for His people to be right with Him again. And He kept that promise! This is what the message of the entire Bible is all about: Jesus is the only Savior who can make us right with God. And that's just the Old Testament! Grab our New Testament puzzle to keep the story going!!

Early Middle School

Adventure through Old and New Testaments!

Each day of this workbook study, your child will focus on one book of the Old Testament, learning about its core message and key themes. Here is what you will find on each day of this adventure:

- A simple summary of that book of the Bible

- A key verse from that day's book of the Bible that enables kids to see for themselves how God speaks to His people through His Word.

- A Lookout Point that highlights who God reveals Himself to be in that book and teach your child more about His unchanging character.

- Biblical Genre Icon: A little icon that tells your child the biblical genre of that book (is it poetry? history? Law?), plus this workbook has an entire tutorial on biblical genre at the back of the book!

- Authorship Icon: A little icon that will tell you the author of that book of the Bible. Does your child know each book of the Bible was written by someone, as God lead them by His Spirit (after this workbook, they will!)? This icon will tell your child the author's name, if we know it; if we don't know who wrote that book of the Bible, this icon will tell you that, too!

- Fieldnotes: a few simple questions for reflection to help your child apply to their daily lives what they are learning about God. Plus! Encouragement for them to discuss what they're learning with you!

- Prayer Point: a simple take-away that encourages your child to pray with you about what they just learned. 

Middle School School

Tiny Apologetics

If God is good, why do bad things happen? How do we know Jesus wasn’t just another guy? Did Jesus really rise from the dead, or was it all a hoax? Can we be good without God?

Our children face a cultural, uphill battle. We live in a world that will be quick to teach that right is wrong, and to offer them blurry lines between what is true and untrue. As they grow up in this world, they are going to start asking good and important questions like: How can we trust the Bible? Are science and faith at odds with each other? Does every religion worship the same God?

These questions are vital for them to ask. But it is also important for them to be assured that they are not the first to ask them, and that there are answers to the big questions they have. In exploring these questions, our kids are going to learn that the historic Christian faith is not an untested, flimsy thing, but a grounded, historically tested, and culturally relevant work of God – the same God who invites them to know Him personally through Jesus.

Tiny Systematics

Of all the things your student(s) will learn this year, few will form their lives as much as what they learn about God and his Word. Which is why we started Tiny Theologians in the first place - we want to help you teach your kids about the God who made them, loves them, and wants to have a relationship with them. This is what Tiny Systematics is all about! We want to help your child grow in knowing God through his Word, understanding the core doctrines of the Christian faith, seeing how it connects to their everyday lives, and growing in loving the God of the Bible! This workbook seeks to help children discover how fun and exciting theology can be with activities and crafts set alongside rich, biblical theology made accessible for their little hearts and minds. 


We know that you have seemingly endless options when you choose curriculum. We also know that you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars looking for something that serves your family well. We have sought to create theological resources that will not break the bank! But we pray that they draw your family closer to Jesus every step of the way. Have you used any of these? We'd love to hear what your student thought! What are some of your favorite things they've learned? Let us know in the comments!