Summer Reading List!

Start building that Summer library! We've taken the guess work out of finding books that will point your kids to Jesus and keep them engaged PLUS we broke it down by age so you can be sure that you're getting the perfect ones for your kiddos reading level! Click HERE to download your free printable version for your kiddos to work through this Summer!  


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Ages    0-2:

  1.     Garden Curtain and Cross board book:
  2.     His Grace is Enough board book:
  3.     The Best Thing to Do:
  4.     The Little Man Whose Heart Grew Big:
  5.     Does God Sleep?
  6.     The Gospel:
  7.     Jesus Saves:


 Ages 3-5:

  1.     Jesus and the Very Big Surprise:
  2.     The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song:
  3.     His Grace is Enough:
  4.     Gwen Tells Tales: when it’s hard to tell the truth:
  5.     Zoe’s Hiding Place: when you are anxious:
  6.     Gus Loses his Grip: when you want something too much:


Ages   6-9:

  1.     Garden, Curtain and Cross:
  2.     The Boy from the House of Bread:
  3.     Arlo and the Great Big Cover Up:
  4.     The Green Ember Series (book 1):
  5.     Bible Animals:


Ages 10+: 

  1.     Little Pilgrim’s Progress:
  2.     The Priest with Dirty Clothes:
  3.     Dream Keeper Saga: The dragon and the stone (book 1):
  4.      Who am I and Why do I Matter?


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