Using Christ at the Center in Your Home

The Christ at the Center cards launch TOMORROW, and I can’t wait to start shipping these sweet cards out to you to use with your kiddos in your homes!

Many of you have asked the best way to use these cards, and the possibilities are endless! But here is a list of some of my favorite ways to use them with different ages groups:

Bible Overview

The simplest way to use these cards is to read through one every day as a family. You can add them to your morning basket routine, breakfast table time, or bedtime ritual. By reading through one card a day, your little ones will gain a great overview of the big story of the Bible in just about two months!

Biblical Context

As you read through other biblical stories and resources, it could be helpful to pull out the correlating card and help your kids understand the context of that specific story. For example, if you read the wonderful book Love Made by my friend Quina Aragon, you’ll be talking all about the creation story. What a great way to give your kids the biblical context for that story by pulling out the genesis card from your Christ at the Center deck!

Books of the Bible Memorization

As your kids get older, they’ll be able to memorize the books of the Bible in order. There are a lot of songs that can help with this process, by the way! Check out YouTube for some fun ideas. The Christ as the Center cards can be a great way to test memorization. Shuffle them up and challenge your kids to put them back in order!

Genre Matching

Each card has an icon that marks the biblical genre of that book. At the back of the deck there are cards that explain what a genre is and explain how to identify and interpret each genre. You can create a matching game by pulling out the poetry genre card and challenging your kids to find all the books of poetry in the Old Testament. What a fun way to introduce something as complex as genre to young kids!

These are just a few of my ideas on how to use these cards, but I want to hear from you! What are you favorite ways to use these cards? Or, what are some of the ways you’re most excited to use them? Let me know in the comments!