Together Initiative



Welcome to the Together Initiative, a fundraiser by Tiny Theologians for expectant and adopting families! Our goal is to assist in the very real, financial needs associated with bringing a child into your family. If you are an adopting family seeking to grow your family through domestic or international adoption, we want to help your community alleviate some of the financial strain of this process. Or, if you are an expecting mother who has chosen life for your unborn child and require financial assistance in order to do so, we want to help your community surround and support you in this process. However God is growing your family, we want to help your local community of faith surround and support you in this process.

No tiny theologian raiser should go it alone; which is why we started the Together Initiative in the first place.

There is a simple, three-step process for applying for the Together Initiative fundraiser. While we wish we could partner with every family God is growing, we are only able to take on one family each quarter. We hope you understand, and we trust the Lord to provide for your every need!

1. Complete your application

We have tried to keep the fundraising process simple and efficient. We know that bringing a child into your family involved a lot of work, so we don't want to add to that load. The application includes family contact information, your family story, and a reference from your local church (see requirements below).

2. Receive your fundraising link

Each approved applicant will receive a custom fundraising link which they should share with family and friends for the duration of the fundraiser (1 month). 20% of all product sales made through your specific link will be donated to you at the conclusion of the fundraiser. 

3. Complete your fundraiser and receive your funds

At the conclusion of your fundraiser, we will review the funds raised by your community, and will let you know the amount raised. We will issue a check for 20% of the product sales to the non-profit of your choosing (either a crowdfunding platform or your local church). We are unable to write checks to families directly; for our protection (and yours) funds raised can only be recited to a verified non-profit.


  • Professing Christian family in agreement with our Statement of Faith
  • Active participating members of a local church
  • Either expecting a child and requiring support, or having begun the process of adoption
  • A reference from your local church

 If you would like to apply, you can download the application here. Completed applications can be emailed to