ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas
ABCs of Christmas

ABCs of Christmas

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This Advent, teach your Tiny Theologians all about Christ! This set of ABC cards helps your kids understand what the holiday season is all about: JESUS! With simple and concise definitions on each card and Gospel-centered conversation prompts, you and your family can make the month of December all about Jesus. (Plus, they come in a sturdy little storage box, too!)

Why thousands of parents love this Advent resource:

"! can't recommend these cards highly enough. They're Christ-focused - which is just what my family needs this time of year."

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ - Tiffany

"I wish I had these YEARS ago when my older kids were 2 and 3! They're a great way to keep Christ centered during the busy holiday season. We did one card each night at dinner and I was amazed by how my older and younger kids were able to engage the conversation prompt. We will never NOT use these for Christmas!"

⭐ ⭐   ⭐ - Sherine


When will my order ship? 1-3 business days. All orders are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Shipping

How should I store them? These cards come in a study card box.

What kind of paper are they printed on? They are printed on 120# card stock. 

What translation do you use for the Scripture references on these cards? We primarily use 2011 ESV. 

Customer Reviews

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Theology for everyone

We will be recommending these cards to everyone we know who's looking for advent resources for the family. The cards are full of important truths and conversation starting questions we worked through as a family. Over the course of advent, our sons (6 and 3) memorized what each alphabet letter stood for. So grateful for the focus on both easy to grasp concepts and deeper theological truths outlined in a way that geared even our 6 yo to beautiful conversations about faith.

Still haven't received my product.

Guess I'll use it next year when it comes.

ABC's of Christmas Card Set

These cards are wonderful for children, and their parents alike. Beautifully made - Thank you Tiny Theologians!


These cards are amazing. Love the colors, sizing, and thickness of the card. The questions to reflect on a cool bonus. We love to try to guess what word the letter is going to cover.

AWESOME and nearly perfect

I've loved reading these with my kids, ages 7, 5, and 3, each day. Even my 3 year old is retaining some of the concepts. They are well-written, kid-accessible explanations of larger theological ideas followed by some solid thought provoking questions. I'll definitely use them again in the coming years. The one thing that would have made these perfect for me as an advent devotional would be if they included an option scripture passage for us to read along with the card. Highly recommend the ABCs of Christmas. If you're on the fence with Family Tree or ABCs, go with ABCs.